Is that your Fist ?

We were in Humboldt county California and we decided to stay at the Samoa camp grounds. It was almost summer time and the camp grounds were busy. We were next to a couple and their baby. We had dinner with them and they had a bottle of something cheap. The couple got pretty drunk and were arguing , yelling screaming running after each other yadda yadda. Sir had a bit of a buzz as well he grabbed their kid and handed the little bugger to me told me to stay in the tent with the kids. I heard him trying to pick up on some chic while the couple continue to scream at each other. This situation was less than ideal in my eyes. So finally the couple passes out after I give them their kid back. My kids were asleep , I needed a drink.


So I am checking out the campground and I found Sir hitting on this black chic he was calling Coco. Her and I were sitting at a picnic table when she violated my oral mucosa with her tongue. How interesting the way events have started to roll. So Coco and I start walking towards the ladies room Sir and a couple other guys were following along.

Next thing I know I’m sitting on the Jon and Coco is eating my pussy and Sam is leaning against the wall watching. She got me all wet and sloppy and started fingering my sweet cunt. Then another finger , more fingers I’m like ,” are you fisting me ?”

She said ,” yeah does it hurt ?” I told her no. I was relaxing more and getting into it when I look up at the wide open stall door and I see a baby stroller with some dude pushing it.

This really killed the mood pretty fucking quick. She got up he was mad cause she was all up in my pussy I excused myself and headed away from there fast.

For the next two weeks I had the worst abdominal cramps for not being on my cycle. Fisting ? Mark me down for No Thanks muchacho.

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