Is that your Fist ?

We were in Humboldt county California and we decided to stay at the Samoa camp grounds. It was almost summer time and the camp grounds were busy. We were next to a couple and their baby. We had dinner with them and they had a bottle of something cheap. The couple got pretty drunk and … Continue reading Is that your Fist ?

Three on one

This is the story about my first playdate in the lifestyle. When I discovered this wonderful way of life I was forty something , my third marriage was over and I was lonely. Someone told me to try fetlife and I was enchanted. As I manuvered my way around this nifty new site I got … Continue reading Three on one

I got tied to a chair and I liked it

We had discussed the evening before he got to town. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was meeting him at the motel then we would take his truck to the party. I would put the remote control egg in place and he would have the control. This was only our second … Continue reading I got tied to a chair and I liked it

What he wants

I left plenty of room for him to be able to move around when and where I told him too. The blindfold was secure and so was he. Everytime I smacked him lean body with the first of my pleasure sticks ( this one is my favorite crop ) I could see his body respond … Continue reading What he wants

Masterbation , I’m not blind

So I've been changing things about myself and my life the past few years. The other day I thought why not keep it simple , why don't I explore my early years and begin at the beginning. As a young girl I knew if I rubbed a particular part of my fun parts it would … Continue reading Masterbation , I’m not blind