I could use a Xanax or two right now 

Aristotle said ," We can't learn without pain" I tell everyone because that's no shit. When we learn , we grow so in order to be the best humans we can be we gotta learn and grow.  I'm going through some learning right this very second. My God the emotional pain is overwhelming I am … Continue reading I could use a Xanax or two right now 

The almighty dollar

So I'm doing a Cam show tonight. My laptop broke so I've not been on in a while I'm gonna use my phone and work it.  Tonight's show will have a story , nudity , masterbation , singing , discussions , tits , tits , tits and tits.  Be aware I'm a BBW not a … Continue reading The almighty dollar

Take me home country roads 

As I lay in my bed comfy and warm with my sweet doggies I consider what the future may hold. At this point I'm unsure and I teeter on the brink of discombobulation more often than not. These feelings , uncomfortable as they are , are necessary at this time of change that has been … Continue reading Take me home country roads 

And so I discovered the Cam show starring me 

So I got this laptop and I was broke and unsupervised so I got me a chatterbate account. I have no idea what I'm doing but as long as I swing my tits around every few minutes they love me. I made .75 damn cents and I'm very excited about my future. I'll post a … Continue reading And so I discovered the Cam show starring me 

Please don’t assume , it’s not attractive

You know , I don't understand men that see on a profile of mine somewhere that I am kinky and they automatically think I want to fuck them. That's not exactly how it works. I'm in the BDSM lifestyle and I'm sort of an exibitionist. This doesn't mean I want to ride every Tom , … Continue reading Please don’t assume , it’s not attractive

A Brand New Year

Time to start fresh , make much needed changes and be a better person than I was in 2018. I'm hopeful that 2019 will be much better than whatever that 2018 shit was. I'm already feeling better and it's not even tomorrow yet. The dark cloud that seemed to follow me around since my daddy's … Continue reading A Brand New Year