Digamo Jones got the cocaine blues

Well this is a tale about a guy I went out with that influenced me and my thinking on several areas of life stuff. He was the first guy I enjoyed mutual masterbation with. I felt so dirty and I liked it.

He explained to me what a dog leg was referring to a couple of sharp turns. He was a little older than me I think I was late teens early 20’s and thirsty for knowledge and experience only real life can teach.

He went with me to look for an apartment when I got a raise at my job from 4.50 to 5.00 an hour. I was thinking that was some huge amount of money and I could rent an apartment , buy a few dresses and shoes AND eat several times a week on that. Yeah I think it’s called magical thinking , or fucking delusional either way. So it turns out I forgot about bills and prophalytics so I had to figure something else out.

I ended up moving in with Digamos brother dig thought he was helping me out and brotha never told him about that night me and bro got drunk and I fucked the hell out of him. Well in my experience when I get black out drunk and take out my sexual aggression with very few inhibitions , the fellow on the receiving end of this pussy slaughter is helpless and can think of nothing serious but this bomb ass pussy. Can’t really blame him. I was uncomfortable because my loins grew moist for Digamo not his brother.

During my time at Digs brothas house there was this one day that ended horribly wrong. I went to the dentist earlier that day had a lil something done and got some pain pills. Went home popped one and went to sleep. Now I was told that a couple hours later I got a phone call that woke me up and I left the house in my rx7. I rolled out the driveway got up to 60miles an hour and slammed into the embankment at the end of my street. Talk about a mess.

I was in the hospital 12 days. I had some major injuries. These injuries really made getting fucked hard pretty difficult. That did not stop us from trying.

At one point I looked up to Digamo I respected his opinion and then I decided to move to San Francisco. He took me to the train station and we said goodbye. He did win 10$ on a scratcher so hey everyone won. This was not the last I would see of Digamo Jones there was a pretty good time until I would not be pissed at him , I was a little neurotic. He has an opinion that I enjoy listening to from time to time. Social media makes things easier.

Digamo Jones did get

the cocaine blues

The cocaine blues

The cocaine blues

Then he got better.

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