Cam Lust

Cam Lust , some people may wonder what this means. I know there are folks that go straight for the gutter. The reason I know this , I am one of those people. Cam Lust , yes I am kinky. Yes I am with a man who is kinky. We have different things we create trying to add positive vibes to our community. How cool is it that Cam Lust is my name and Sirs name combined. Times such as these I’m certain we were meant for each other. He is my soul mate , my everything. He is my Cam Lust.


Me crazy ? Crazy fucking fun !!

In 2008 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This was after I had been working as a psych nurse for close to 7 years. a lot of things happened all at once , I didn’t handle things well.  At the time I was all about psychotropic medications , all medicines really. I told the patients  , when your feeling better it’s not time to stop the meds. Most folks did.



So fast forward , living with my kids at my mother’s house. I couldn’t work anymore so I got on disability , the crazy kind. I saw my psychiatrist once a month , a therapist once a week , took the medication as prescribed. I couldn’t get off the couch. I was a shell of myself. No emotions , no energy , nothing.

I finally told myself , fuck this. I quit the pills and woke up. I made my mother unhappy , she liked the control she had …. she has it no more but she did have a hand in ripping my children away from me. They will come back and I am a whole person now. I can think , I can function. I am excited about life and I’m grateful for weed because it keeps me chill naturally.



I’d rather be an honest pot head , than a fucking liar

I smoke weed. I enjoy a plant that is natural. It helps with my mania and helps me focus and helps me sleep. I was on a plethora of pharmaceuticals with side-effects including sudden cardiac death. This is what my dear mother would rather I take. Marijuana is illegal and a gateway drug. So the powerful psychotropic medication I was on for so long that caused me UK shuffle through life and gain 50lbs is better because why ? Because it’s legal ? What about 15 years from now when they find out what harm these new meds actually cause. If I kept taking that crap I would end up a balding toothless woman with a dick , no thanks …. I’ll smoke my weed and everyone that doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves.

Yay weed

Sir set me free



I was in a sundress and my hair was in a pony tail. I was sitting with my ankles crossed and my head down , waiting. He said He would come. He said He would take me home. I had been with my maternal family for only 12 hours. It seemed like years. I begged Sir to come for me.  He agreed.


I heard His music before I  saw the car. My heart started pounding with joy and excitement. Long drives were always so much fun with Him. I ran and hopped into the car as soon as it stopped giggling and so happy to once again be free from the stifling oppressive judgement that part of my family seemed to thrive on. Well good for them , not this free bird ….  Sir set me free again and now I get to make Him happy.


Assholes aplenty round here

This creative blog post is dedicated to that special breed of asshole. You know the ones I mean. Those folks that think being dickish is something they are entitled to.  I got a message on my public page on a social media network. That page has almost 50,000 fans. I get a lot of messages from fans , most people want me to find them a Dom or a sub. I explain a lot that I don’t provide that service and if I did it would require payment in advance. This day however a gentleman ( loosely used you understand ) sent a message and after he was done said reply , like ordering me to answer.


Awwww hell NAW !

It’s times like these I consider myself a educator , helpful and shit. So I told ole boy …. ” you have me confused with someone that wants to do your bidding.” My lesson did not end there. As I felt this one could benefit from more of my vast experience. I do what I can for the good of man kind and all. So I made him aware I didn’t want him as a Master and he could go fuck himself that way he would be fucking someone that thought a lot of him.


I thought it went well. I banned him and everyone was happy. Well all my fans and me …..

Take note fools , put some effort in and don’t assume I’ll follow blindly.

The Butterfly Affect.

Thebb4091912e42a3ae8ccc607a89698a1b change began for me after my second marriage crumbled. Well actually , I remained numb for 5 years I was on several different medications and in a daze. One day I decided to choose life and I found a place where I wasn’t a freak or bad , no one told me I needed to change. It is a glorious freedom to be able to be myself without fear of condemnation and judgement. There are ups and downs everyday in any lifestyle and it just shows that life is being lived. Please enjoy