Me ? Kinky ? Indeed!

  So I'm new to the whole blog world , I mean I've heard of them yes. I don't think I've read a blog until now. If I am ahead in the technology game , its the zombie apocalypse. I wrote a post about myself and I can't find the damn thing anywhere so what … Continue reading Me ? Kinky ? Indeed!

FALSELY ACCUSED ; my fathers plight

He needed someone to help him after he fell and broke his hip. He falls all the time , gets lucky more often that naught. This last time not so much. Why he called this girl I still do not know. I was living in a different state when he fell , told my Aunt … Continue reading FALSELY ACCUSED ; my fathers plight

Freedom from bondage

I was on Facebook one evening , this was after my separation and I was lonely and depressed. I was in a secret group , I didn't know a lot about bdsm the lifestyle anything like that. I saw some pictures a guy had posted of a girl on her knees with her wrists tied … Continue reading Freedom from bondage

Where’s the Justice ? Not here naw

The prisions in this beautiful country are full. They aren't necessarily full of criminals either. The folks that get got by the justice system here are poor , they have no voice. If you have a case against you be it criminal or be it civil  , if you can't afford an attorney , your … Continue reading Where’s the Justice ? Not here naw