I have a confession to make , I play with my pussy. I'm not talking about a feline either. I mean my vagina. I masterbate until I cum , until I feel that explosion of warm pleasure that I seek so often. I use different tools to reach that place of fulfilment I so richly … Continue reading Confession


One Call

That's all it took. One single call. To let me know he wanted to come home , to let me know he was wrong , to let me know he was sorry. That one call was all I needed to agree that he should come home , to tell him it takes two , to … Continue reading One Call

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me at all , dick

I will be fine. I'm hurt and sad and mad at myself. I am insecure and afraid. Still I'm better than I was yesterday , tomorrow I'll be even better. Time heals most wounds , this one will heal. I will be a better person because of this experience , this relationship. I knew several … Continue reading Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me at all , dick

I am a Goddess

I took my time in a nice warm bath complete with a yummy bath bomb. I shaved everything that needed shaving. Soap myself up a few times. Washed and conditioned my long blonde hair. With thoughts of the evening to come always in my busy little brain. We weren't going to talk about anything to … Continue reading I am a Goddess