My Favorite Crop Duster

After my friend untied me from the chair in the living room of his hotel room I freshened up and we headed out to the munch. When we got settled in his truck , he handed me the egg. It was pink , round , and a durable plastic. He told me his plans for … Continue reading My Favorite Crop Duster

It’s not you , it’s me

So I'm single again. I'm not giving up on love which means dating again. I had a gentleman caller last night and he was great but I did not feel the spark and I kept pretending he was my ex. He's not the one. I had to let him down on messenger. He said that … Continue reading It’s not you , it’s me

Mashed potatoes and gravy

So I'm hanging out with some friends in a cheap motel. We are chatting about people and life she's playing her slot game and he's fucking her doggie style. I'm laying on one side of the bed writing this blog. He said her asshole is like mashed potatoes and gravy. I'm like that's so sweet. … Continue reading Mashed potatoes and gravy

Fart in the wind

  So he said  , " let me see that sweet pussy baby." I did. I spread my legs and watched him approach my honey hole licking his lips as he got closer. His finger found my hole and his tongue engulfed my clit. He licked my swollen little button with much enthusiasm. Then something … Continue reading Fart in the wind

The Christmas Orgy

As I pondered the upcoming holidays the busy months Oct- Jan I wondered what I should do for Sir on Christmas. What would he want ? What would make him happier than a pig in shit ? It came to me. An orgy to celebrate the season. That's it , perfect. Now time to plan. … Continue reading The Christmas Orgy

You put me through hell , it’s not as bad as I expected.

Your anger does not bother me so much anymore. It drains me yes , it baffles me to be sure. I don't get as scared when you're irrational mad beast shows himself. No reason to. You walked out on me , on us with promises I was certain you would keep. I was wrong about … Continue reading You put me through hell , it’s not as bad as I expected.

Guess what dick , I don’t need you anymore

If you don't feel like doing something when I ask you to you get irritated and bitchy. If I don't feel like doing something you want me to do when you want me to do it , I'm a fucking asshole. You haven't really cared enough to do things you used to that made me … Continue reading Guess what dick , I don’t need you anymore