Happy things to talk about

  Finally , I’m writing it. Several years ago the babysitter I had was a very sad soul. I think in the couple of months she watched my kids she told me one thing that wasn’t just depressing as fuck. It was about a pair of shoes her mother in law got her. She had […]

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Funny Penguin

So this penguin was driving home from a long work day when his car started making a horrible noise. He stopped at the first garage he saw. The mechanic told him it was a little busy and suggested the penguin go window shopping for a bit and he could tell him what was wrong when […]

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  You should be ashamed….. I should be ashamed. Let me ponder this for a minute. I’m supposed to be ashamed for something I didn’t even do.   First I want to make this clear……I am ashamed. I’m ashamed of the choices I made that caused me to not have my children. I am harder […]


Assholes aplenty round here

This creative blog post is dedicated to that special breed of asshole. You know the ones I mean. Those folks that think being dickish is something they are entitled to.  I got a message on my public page on a social media network. That page has almost 50,000 fans. I get a lot of messages […]

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Waiting for Justice

My father has an arraignment Tuesday. The first one was on Sept 28, 2016. On that day my father was the last inmate to be brought before the judge. When he was wheeled into the courtroom tears star… Source: Waiting for Justice

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Me ? Kinky ? Indeed!

  So I’m new to the whole blog world , I mean I’ve heard of them yes. I don’t think I’ve read a blog until now. If I am ahead in the technology game , its the zombie apocalypse. I wrote a post about myself and I can’t find the damn thing anywhere so what […]

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