The almighty dollar

So I'm doing a Cam show tonight. My laptop broke so I've not been on in a while I'm gonna use my phone and work it.  Tonight's show will have a story , nudity , masterbation , singing , discussions , tits , tits , tits and tits.  Be aware I'm a BBW not a … Continue reading The almighty dollar

Is that your finger ?

It was a full sized mattress and the bed was made of wood by my father's father. The bed was in the middle bedroom , the one I preferred. I was in this bed , in this room with Him. We had just got to town and things were still fucking awesome , though the … Continue reading Is that your finger ?

Take me home country roads 

As I lay in my bed comfy and warm with my sweet doggies I consider what the future may hold. At this point I'm unsure and I teeter on the brink of discombobulation more often than not. These feelings , uncomfortable as they are , are necessary at this time of change that has been … Continue reading Take me home country roads