Nothing fancy

I am worth it. I have a lot to offer. I’m clever , funny , and I can carry on a conversation about a variety of topics. I am adventurous and sport a free spirit. I’m easy on the eyes and I smell good most of the time. I’m worth the money a pretty gift would cost. I’m worth the time it would take to travel to my house. I’m worth any slight discomfort adjusting things to delight me might cause. I’m worth more than I demand. I’m a good person with a good heart and I don’t steal or tell lies. Men want me and women want to be me. I don’t see my value and I think that’s a part of my charm , because I don’t pressure anyone to do only what I want. I’m easy going and I don’t stress on small shit.


Thank your lucky stars I choose to be with you and treat me like you never want to loose me , or you will.


Just a reminder to myself to not settle for anything less than what I want.

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