Digamo Jones got the cocaine blues

Well this is a tale about a guy I went out with that influenced me and my thinking on several areas of life stuff. He was the first guy I enjoyed mutual masterbation with. I felt so dirty and I liked it. He explained to me what a dog leg was referring to a couple … Continue reading Digamo Jones got the cocaine blues

Is that your Fist ?

We were in Humboldt county California and we decided to stay at the Samoa camp grounds. It was almost summer time and the camp grounds were busy. We were next to a couple and their baby. We had dinner with them and they had a bottle of something cheap. The couple got pretty drunk and … Continue reading Is that your Fist ?

The early days of us

Hot sweaty salty flesh I felt goosebumps as I ran my hand the length of him ...we had been teasing each other for what seemed like months but was closer im sure to days. When he put his hand in my thick blonde hair and just tugged I swooned I wanted to do what he … Continue reading The early days of us

Times they are a changing

So much confusion and feelings of doubt cloud my psyche today so I come here and I write hoping I can understand things in my world a bit better. My relationship with my Sir is over , my Daddy , my rock , my everything. He is none of these things to me anymore. I … Continue reading Times they are a changing

Inhale the good shit , exhale the bullshit : This is me exhaling

This is not a sexy , erotic , kink filled take my friends. I'm writing this to try and make sense of my day. I'm very confused and I feel violated. But wait , let me begin with a little back story. My sister and I do not speak. I have chosen to not have … Continue reading Inhale the good shit , exhale the bullshit : This is me exhaling