5 thoughts on “Creepy epidemic sweeping the world

  1. I’m not sure I help with this. But I can say that although my work is about sex it’s about 50/50 where this happens. Not sure if that’s because I have a lot of sub men ring

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    1. I have bdsm pages and groups on a lot of the social media networks. I have heard that men from like India and Egypt those general areas or maybe it’s oppressed countries , I hear those men think American women all want sex all the time. Of course they heard that American women will spread em for everyone so I don’t know how true that is lol


  2. you are interesting and informative and to tell you the truth I never gave it a thought if you are a male or female. Whoever is sending pics of their piss dispensers (that’s what is”boys” the part of our body that dispenses piss) has not a clue about what a woman needs. your page has peeked my interest I love the honesty the most I see it in all of their eyes. Good Job


  3. I use to resent it when I would hear, “Men are Dogs.” Now, unfortunately it seems to be true.
    I am an older, ‘Old School Man’. I learned to respect and love women. The whole ritual of meeting and Courting a woman, in the hopes of bringing her into My life was something I always looked forward to. Sex did not enter into it for quite a while.
    Now it seems that men are dogs…but many females are not much better. These latest generations have been going to Hell.


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