Me ? Kinky ? Indeed!

So I’m new to the whole blog world , I mean I’ve heard of them yes. I don’t think I’ve read a blog until now. If I am ahead in the technology game , its the zombie apocalypse. I wrote a post about myself and I can’t find the damn thing anywhere so what I’m guessing I did was delete it. I’m not going to try and rewrite it because what fun would that be ? I’ll just wrote a whole new one. This is a little about me. I discovered the lifestyle and learned some things , brought some things with me I have already learned and found my Sir. The One I submit to. He has earned my submission. He takes care of me like no one else ever has. I know He will always be there. We live our lifestyle 24/7 , we make no bones about it. I have to explain to some folks , yes we are into the bdsm lifestyle we let out freak flags fly. This does not mean we practice our lifestyle on everyone we meet. We don’t go up to strangers in Walmart and flog them , or gag the server at Denny’s when we want ice cream. Also just because someone is also in the bdsm lifestyle doesn’t mean we want to play with them. We have choices and opinions. I think some people have crazy ideas about kinksters that just aren’t true. I’m pretty sure some gentlemen from different countries have a very warped idea of American women period and throw a little kink in there and shit my life must be like a porn constantly. This is just ridiculous.


What983275bdacf0733ee2bf8d76eeae1f9b we actually do …… We get up usually in the morning. I cook breakfast , I make the best grits , I make Sir a plate then mine we eat and chat about our day. I don’t sit at His feet , I would if I wasn’t so old and stiff lol. We make our plans do this and that. Normal stuff. I’ll do a little work online. Make some calls clean up a bit. He fixes things and sharpens knives and generally maintains the shop. We have a mid day meal at some point , chit chat with some friends that live down the street we usually see a few times a week. Yes we are kinky and we go to parties and what not , demos , events , meet&greets and things of that nature , but we are just regular everyday folks. Someone you’d see buying milk at the grocery store or getting gas at Walmart ¬†or something. Not freaks with signs saying “stay back if your scared” or ” watch out for your hole”. Just normal folks with a different way of thinking. I call my boyfriend Sir and Daddy. I do as He asks and He in turn takes care of me. Better than anyone else ever has.I’m lucky to have Him. People hear us interact and probably think I’m nuts , if they are around us long ¬†enough , they will see why I jump when He says to. This post is not about what happens in our bedroom. That’s for us and anyone we choose to invite , of course those stories are on my kinky social media network. That’s all I got , Good day.