Fuck me

I close my eyes and feel His knowing fingers ease up my thigh slowing making His way towards my hot went cunt , His cunt . I am sopping wet with anticipation of His touch. The touch that I crave daily I am so horny just thinking of wrapping my soft hands around His massive cock after liberally applying lube of course I can imagine how it feels growing harder under my constant stroking . I want to fuck Him , suck Him , cum from His touch flood His hand , cum all over that cock as He pounds my dripping pussy. I am completely spent. Thank you Sir


Masterbation contemplation

It was late and I was tired , it had been a very long day. Work was crazy , the kids were restless , I burned dinner , and hubby passed out in the recliner. When I finally got to lay down dead tired and ready to shoot someone. I needed a drink and a mind blowing self inflicted orgasm.

I woke up at 6am to the alarm going off with my hands in my pants. I had suffered a masterbation contemplation. Damn

Bound and fucked

So at 47 years old I find myself spread eagle , naked and tied to the bed. My hands and feet bound with rope. Who knew that I would end up here I wondered as I watched a strange woman head over to my dripping cunt with some sort of vibrating tool. It’s pink and OH MY right on my clit now buzzing as she holds it lightly at first. As I begin thrusting towards the vibrating lovely she holds it firmer and all of a sudden I explode my juices squirting everywhere. Ahhh now I need a nap but wait there’s another stranger with something in her hand , oh shit

The rest of the story : and I fucked and sucked and licked and came all the live long day


I love myself

My journey has changed and it was a surprise to me. As I live with the new direction my life is taking I realize it’s not necessarily a bad thing. So it’s time for me to take care of myself. With this in mind I reach for my right nipple and begin to pinch it gently at first. My body responds to the touch , my touch. My nipples get hard and my pussy starts to get moist.

With my other hand I give my left nipple some much needed attention. Then I’m caressing both my huge beautiful tits. My eyes are closed and my breathing is a bit faster. I follow the curves of my body with my right hand until I reach the mound of my sweet sweet pussy. My eager fingers dive Right into my delicious cunt and discover I’m wet as hell and my clit is swollen. I rub my sweet little button with my pointer and middle fingers. The heat in my body is exciting and my mind is racing with erotic adventures I have had. I have no desodeto edge myself so I rub faster and harder as my hips rock back and forth. A soft moan escapes my lips and I feel the orgasm approaching. Faster and faster the explosion is fast approaching and I want it so bad. All of a sudden my body gives me what I seek and my head is spinning my heart is racing and I am spent.

I do love myself.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me at all , dick

I will be fine. I’m hurt and sad and mad at myself. I am insecure and afraid. Still I’m better than I was yesterday , tomorrow I’ll be even better. Time heals most wounds , this one will heal. I will be a better person because of this experience , this relationship. I knew several things I’d not known before. Some were great , others were so bad it physically hurt.

I will be fine because I’m free from him now. I’m free to be myself once again. I don’t have to support him or his habit anymore. I don’t have to cry everyday because he hurt my feelings. I’m free from being judged by the one person that wasn’t supposed to judge me. I’m free from being lied to by the one person that was supposed to tell me the truth.

I can heal , I can grow , and I can find someone to be happy with. I can take care of myself like I couldn’t before , I can buy clothes , I can by pretty girl stuff , I can feel pretty again.

Give and take is amazing. I will continue to be a giver because I’m not a shitty person. Some people never were givers not in the least.

Let me go

Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Don’t blow smoke up my ass. These things don’t work because bullshit doesn’t make sense. I’m done with the bullshit. I deserve better and if you have met someone you need to go on be with them.

Let me heal , get over it , let me get out in the single world again and find someone that does want me. Someone that this is I’m fun someone that makes me giggle. Stop being so selfish and trying to keep me just for the feelings that aren’t there anymore.

I am a Goddess

I took my time in a nice warm bath complete with a yummy bath bomb. I shaved everything that needed shaving. Soap myself up a few times. Washed and conditioned my long blonde hair. With thoughts of the evening to come always in my busy little brain. We weren’t going to talk about anything to heavy. Everything lately had been much to heavy. This was a date. A first date after a break up. Oh but no worries , I fuck on the first date. Once I step out of the tub I dry off really good , put my hair in a towel and apply lotion everywhere I can reach. Next comes the body spray and then I carefully apply some makeup. Not to much , just enough. I put on a sexy black skirt , a black shirt with lace on the sleeves and a very nice view of my huge tits. Slide on my over the knee black boots , dry my hair brush and toss and I walk out the bedroom.

In the living room is a good friend that has supported me through my relationship problems. He looked up at me and I asked if I looked ok. He said yeah , it’s ok. I expected a different reaction cause I thought I was looking pretty damn good. He got up to do something I don’t know what , it was then I began to notice he was talking but not making any sense. He kind of stuttered and couldn’t finish a sentence. I said , ” Is this a reaction to me ?” He was able to let me know it was. Then he excused himself and went to his room for a while. I’m pretty sure he was jerking off. That’s better , I thought to myself.

Actually I wasn’t expecting to render him speechless with a need to wack a mole right then. But who does ? It made me feel good to have such an effect on someone by just walking in the room and this helped me for my evening with Him. The man I love so intensely , the one that has been my rock. My Sir , my Daddy , my man who would be forever lost to me if something drastic didn’t happen soon. Ok I’ll be drastic.

I hear his truck and position myself outside. I watch intently as he drives down the long ass driveway. Then he stops right in front of me. I saunter up to him not willing or able to wait for him to park and get out and come to me. I look at this man who has been my everything for so long and pray this is a new beginning , not an end. I’m ready to ride him like a woman on a mission , but I must wait. So do you.

To be continued….

The long road home

When Sir and I were in Tacoma he worked in Seattle which was about a 2 hour trip with traffic. These trips twice a day were much more fun with a bit of car play involved.

One night we were on the interstate. To be honest I forget where we had been and where we were going I do remember and will never forget the way Sir manipulated my sweet hot cunt with his strong fingers that new all my special spots. He rubbed my clit caressed the damn thing , played my little button like a violin. Then his fingers were inside me searching for one of the sweet spots … He was searching for my intense pleasure. All of a sudden I felt a gush of liquid along with the sweet release of orgasm. I thought OMG I just pissed myself but when we stopped there was no peepee on my seat. I told Sir he made me squirt going 70 miles an hour down the freeway. Who can say that ?

Digamo Jones got the cocaine blues

Well this is a tale about a guy I went out with that influenced me and my thinking on several areas of life stuff. He was the first guy I enjoyed mutual masterbation with. I felt so dirty and I liked it.

He explained to me what a dog leg was referring to a couple of sharp turns. He was a little older than me I think I was late teens early 20’s and thirsty for knowledge and experience only real life can teach.

He went with me to look for an apartment when I got a raise at my job from 4.50 to 5.00 an hour. I was thinking that was some huge amount of money and I could rent an apartment , buy a few dresses and shoes AND eat several times a week on that. Yeah I think it’s called magical thinking , or fucking delusional either way. So it turns out I forgot about bills and prophalytics so I had to figure something else out.

I ended up moving in with Digamos brother dig thought he was helping me out and brotha never told him about that night me and bro got drunk and I fucked the hell out of him. Well in my experience when I get black out drunk and take out my sexual aggression with very few inhibitions , the fellow on the receiving end of this pussy slaughter is helpless and can think of nothing serious but this bomb ass pussy. Can’t really blame him. I was uncomfortable because my loins grew moist for Digamo not his brother.

During my time at Digs brothas house there was this one day that ended horribly wrong. I went to the dentist earlier that day had a lil something done and got some pain pills. Went home popped one and went to sleep. Now I was told that a couple hours later I got a phone call that woke me up and I left the house in my rx7. I rolled out the driveway got up to 60miles an hour and slammed into the embankment at the end of my street. Talk about a mess.

I was in the hospital 12 days. I had some major injuries. These injuries really made getting fucked hard pretty difficult. That did not stop us from trying.

At one point I looked up to Digamo I respected his opinion and then I decided to move to San Francisco. He took me to the train station and we said goodbye. He did win 10$ on a scratcher so hey everyone won. This was not the last I would see of Digamo Jones there was a pretty good time until I would not be pissed at him , I was a little neurotic. He has an opinion that I enjoy listening to from time to time. Social media makes things easier.

Digamo Jones did get

the cocaine blues

The cocaine blues

The cocaine blues

Then he got better.

Is that your Fist ?

We were in Humboldt county California and we decided to stay at the Samoa camp grounds. It was almost summer time and the camp grounds were busy. We were next to a couple and their baby. We had dinner with them and they had a bottle of something cheap. The couple got pretty drunk and were arguing , yelling screaming running after each other yadda yadda. Sir had a bit of a buzz as well he grabbed their kid and handed the little bugger to me told me to stay in the tent with the kids. I heard him trying to pick up on some chic while the couple continue to scream at each other. This situation was less than ideal in my eyes. So finally the couple passes out after I give them their kid back. My kids were asleep , I needed a drink.


So I am checking out the campground and I found Sir hitting on this black chic he was calling Coco. Her and I were sitting at a picnic table when she violated my oral mucosa with her tongue. How interesting the way events have started to roll. So Coco and I start walking towards the ladies room Sir and a couple other guys were following along.

Next thing I know I’m sitting on the Jon and Coco is eating my pussy and Sam is leaning against the wall watching. She got me all wet and sloppy and started fingering my sweet cunt. Then another finger , more fingers I’m like ,” are you fisting me ?”

She said ,” yeah does it hurt ?” I told her no. I was relaxing more and getting into it when I look up at the wide open stall door and I see a baby stroller with some dude pushing it.

This really killed the mood pretty fucking quick. She got up he was mad cause she was all up in my pussy I excused myself and headed away from there fast.

For the next two weeks I had the worst abdominal cramps for not being on my cycle. Fisting ? Mark me down for No Thanks muchacho.