FALSELY ACCUSED ; my fathers plight

He needed someone to help him after he fell and broke his hip. He falls all the time , gets lucky more often that naught. This last time not so much. Why he called this girl I still do not know. I was living in a different state when he fell , told my Aunt we would move back if he needed us to. Next thing I know this girl messaged me on a popular social media network. I did a little research before I called her and I found out her and her girlfriend were staying at my dad’s but were not helping. I guess the eviction came as a shock to them. I’m not sure why , I mean you can’t treat people like they were treating my father and think they will continue to allow you to live rent free in their home. That’s just stupid. They yelled at my dad , cussed him , stole from him , and hid his things in their closet. When I heard about the eviction I was still in Georgia , things were going south ( pun intended folks) so we packed up and moved back home. My dads house was a disaster. The back room was full of stuff that people just threw in there I couldn’t even see the floor , the room the girl and her girlfriend occupied had a padlock on it we got here just in time. The girl had messaged me to tell me something about my dad , after he kicked her and her girlfriend out of his house. She wasn’t concerned with telling me her lies until then of course. When she started spewing her crap , I was not concerned because anyone could see she made this stuff up out of anger. She said my dad was molesting the little neighbor girl. My dad can’t wheel himself to the bathroom without getting winded and it’s right beside his room. He’s 72 years old with end stage emphysema , hypertension , chronic pain and he just recently broke his hip. The little girl denied it and the child’s mother also denied it. So what in the world should we be concerned about ?

Everything , apparently. After the city marshalls came and took the lock off the door and instructed us to put their things on the street. The 2 women came to the house ,after many threatening phone calls. They waited until the marshalls and everyone else with a vehicle were gone. I believe they were waiting until they thought my dad was alone. Surprise bitch , we were ready. They of course were loud and rude and violent. Both of them jumped ony boyfriend and my friend and the big one shoved me aside to grab stuff off the porch. The cop said he wasn’t going to do anything about that , thanks officer great job. So imagine our surprise when the police took them seriously and a few days later searched my dads house , and arrested him. What ?!!! Can it be ? Why yes , yes it can. Now he’s at the mercy of the justice system. Since we don’t have 20,000$ to pay for a private attorney ( this is the actual price I was quoted not a random number ) or the 350,000$ for bond my dad is awaiting trial in CCC. His first court appearance , he ran out of oxygen and couldn’t breathe so the arraignment was postponed another month. Nothing can be done about that either apparently as long as your civil rights are only violated once , it’s no biggie. So I pray , I rant , I post his story everywhere I can think of. My hope is someone will see it and help. My fear is , daddy will leave the jail in a body bag. 226f30a49a8d06b1d66535c86835216c.jpg

Freedom from bondage

I was on Facebook one evening , this was after my separation and I was lonely and depressed. I was in a secret group , I didn’t know a lot about bdsm the lifestyle anything like that. I saw some pictures a guy had posted of a girl on her knees with her wrists tied to the head board she was naked and her ass was red.  I made a comment , and he commented back “slut.” Something inside me tingled and I thought “oh My!” This was the day I found out I’m not horrible , or bad. There is a community for folks that understand my feelings and desires and they feel the same way. If they don’t , the don’t judge me.

What a wonderful day , a glorious discovery! I’m not abnormal any longer , now I’m free. I will always remember fondly the beginning of my transformation. My enlightenment , my freedom. I am an advocate for everyone that felt the way I felt. Dark and wrong. I’m hear to say open the windows let in the light , shine it on yourself and know you are free as well

Where’s the Justice ? Not here naw

The prisions in this beautiful country are full. They aren’t necessarily full of criminals either. The folks that get got by the justice system here are poor , they have no voice. If you have a case against you be it criminal or be it civil  , if you can’t afford an attorney , your fucked. Period. People say oh well you can get a court appointed attorney. The public defenders are overwhelmed , if they are good lawyers they don’t have time to give you all they have. It’s a pretty good racket ya know ? Here let’s make a system where folks answer to the wrongs they may or may not have committed …..oh and then , let’s make shit so involved you have to get a degree to be able to navigate it. Oh but wait , there’s more , lets make sure the degree holders know they’re worth we wouldn’t want them to miss a single dollar that they may need for strippers and hookers and such. So it ends up with poor people in the klink ( guilty or not ) and people with means roaming free ( innocent or not ). Let us also appoint certain folks to be the Almighty judge  yes for they must understand what is right and what is wrong. But it’s not about right or wrong really ,  the person appointed can have a perspective that is so off we probably wonder why in the holy fuck did we put him in that position….. And now we can’t change it. Like the nice young man with such a bright swimming future. Wouldn’t want that pesky rape thing to stand in the way of that swimmer oh gosh no !!!!! I have bitched about the inconsistencies before ( before I had this handy dandy blog that is ). I’m quite certain I will bitch about it again. People that I tell my plight to try and look on the bright side  , I have not found the bright side myself. I think an unobservant attorney , is not gonna be a good one. Call me crazy ….go ahead lol. I’m looking for a solution that does not involve law school , I’m coming up short indeed. So ……anyone wanna sponcer a law student ???

Social media etiquette

Ifb_img_1475165196239 made a decision the other day , a life changer to be sure. I decided to check out my filtered messages on a popular social media network. I knew pretty much what to expect so I didn’t  go in blind. I did grossly underestimate the enormaty of tbe situation. Here is what I learned.


There are several type of men that make up the blind messengers on social media networks. The first type we will call “The Wallie’s” they have some sweet compliments and they usually say something like  ” I hope that’s OK to say” if I say no Wallie it isn’t OK then I must be a bitch , so be it Wallie , so be it . The next type can be “The Mystery Man”  These dudes are like “hi” …..”you face so sexy” its a mystery that he understands how to inhale life systaining air. The you have “The Bill” these are the ones that are very forward but in a charming way that’s kind of sexy at first. Its soon obvious what his favorite appendage is. Last but most certainly not least there is the ever popular “Richard”   He should need no introduction. I am certain his reputation precedes him. I’ll go ahead and tell y’all anyways ……its a blog ….. He sends dic pics ….he sends them loud , he sends them proud he , he sends them first or maybe 3rd but he always , always sends them. What a sight that is a dick with no name. A man’s penis , his dong , a stiffie , prick….I won’t bore you with the many names of Richard. So there it is , in print. The voices in my head have come alive with the power of the written word. 5 types of dysfunction social media seekers.

I have talked to some of these gentlemen in my filtered messages over the years , a lot of them actually so this opinion is not based on 1  man or even 10 men.( I am very active on social media I have blogs and groups and pages oh my   its in the triple did gets anyway. I am going to call it a good beginning to coming aware of an epidemic of mass proportion. I will continue with my research and of course share my findings.

The Butterfly Affect.

We moved , helped with a much needed eviction. We took the carpet out of the middle bedroom and Sam is painting daddy’s room. So I figured it was time for me to start a blogg. Here I did it and in glad

Thebb4091912e42a3ae8ccc607a89698a1b change began for me after my second marriage desintigrated. Well actually , I remained numb for 5 years I was on several different medications and in a daze. One day I decided to choose life and I found a place where I wasn’t a freak or bad , no one told me I needed to change. It is a glorious freedom to be able to be myself without fear of condemnation and judgement. There are ups and downs everyday in any lifestyle and it just shows that life is being lived. Please  enjoy