About this butterfly

I spent to long trying to make other people happy. I finally realized , in doing that I was bloated sitting on my mother’s couch wondering when my life would start. So I got off the damn couch. I lost some things that I grieve for everyday. I am sure they will come back to me.


I was diagnosed bipolar in 2008. I lost 2 of my grandparents at the age of 38 I was devastated. I left my second husband that year , lost my house and apparently my mind. So now I’m bipolar. I’ll be the best bipolar bitch I can be.


I live in my late fathers house with the man that loves me as I am. I make bath bombs and shower steamers and try to better myself daily. I have a dog and I miss my kids. I hope you enjoy my thoughts , if not I hope you find some you do enjoy. Be free gentle reader , I am



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