Is that your finger ?

It was a full sized mattress and the bed was made of wood by my father’s father. The bed was in the middle bedroom , the one I preferred. I was in this bed , in this room with Him. We had just got to town and things were still fucking awesome , though the climate had shifted already.

We were high on weed , on lack of sleep , on some frowned upon substance (that was actually quite popular) , drunk in love. There was an abnormal vibe in thd house after they came and got my father. It wasn’t right.

Anyway , we were naked or close to it , kissing ,  touching , rubbing , licking , talking , laughing. He touched my asshole with His finger. He gently massaged my sweet tight brown eye and it felt so good. He worked that finger slowly into my tight butt , His other hand manipulating my sopping wet cunt. Stroking my little clit , sliding up and down my pussy lips , probing my hot wet hole. His finger is all the way in my ass , my ass is quivering and also getting wet. He starts moving that finger in my asshole in and out slowly at first , working it in such a tight little hole.

As He gains speed He begins to hum the tune from the Smurfs

and we fucking died laughing. hahahahaha      I think that delayed my impending orgasm. The inevitable flood of pussy juice that will be lubing up my tight little asshole  getting ready for that huge cock. Sigh.

Come home PLEASE


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