Take me home country roads 

As I lay in my bed comfy and warm with my sweet doggies I consider what the future may hold. At this point I’m unsure and I teeter on the brink of discombobulation more often than not. These feelings , uncomfortable as they are , are necessary at this time of change that has been going on.  Whatever comes to pass will be what is supposed to be. That in itself is soothing to my tired emotions. 

I’m certain of one thing ….. This summer will be very different from last. This Easter will be like none of the past Easter’s. Tomorrow I won’t be the same as I was yesterday. I’ve been growing in my safe zone this winter. Forming new ideas , beliefs , and friendships. My perception of my damn self has changed and I like it. I look forward to what is ahead of me in life. As the sun begins to show itself more and more and the wet ground drys my spirits emerge from the zone , my skin glows with a new warmth , and I know everything will be ok. No matter the road I travel. 

My heart wants the road that leads to Him , to US to be the victor. My head dreams of His long monkey arms around me , and my gut is prepared to be on the other road if need be. 

Whichever path turns out to be mine I will walk that fucker. I’ll walk it proud and I’ll walk it strong. I will strut down my road as if it’s the best one ever in life and I will LIVE as I should live. Happy , joyous , and motherfucking FREE.  

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