Learning to Fly

I turned 48 on December 10 , 2018. It’s hard for me to get on board with the fact that I am a …… Grown up. I mean , what the fuck ? Fortunately , I was able to break free from the boundaries that society places on us all. It took some time , and it wasn’t easy.

My decision to live my life the way I want was not an easy one to make. The follow through was even harder. Some sacrifices were made and there are things that I lost I will never get back. No one died as a result of coming out of the kinky closet. Even still because of what I did lose inorder to live free , I feel like I have to make to most of my choice.

I don’t want the vanilla’s getting confused. I’m not going to sport my strap on in public and peg unsuspecting male pedestrians. I won’t tie myself to a light pole and invite anyone that ventures to close to spank my naughty little ass. You probably won’t even be able to tell that I’m a freak if you see me on the subway. Unless I’m on my way to a kink convention and I have my boy on a leash sitting at my feet. Even then no one has to fear for their safety. Just because I am kinky does not mean I’ll violate/be violated by anyone and everyone. This is where so many people get confused. People that hurt other people are that way for a plethora of reasons but not one is that way because I get tied up and flogged in the privacy of my own bedroom.

Now that , hopefully , I’ve laid some neurotic fears to rest , this is what I want to do. I want to give the lifestyle a voice. I want to enlighten the ignorant and educate the uneducated. Since I found the lifestyle and have been open and honest about who I am , I have had less anxiety and more confidence about myself and my direction. I believe that the is a factor in the lives of many that are depressed , unmotivated , and alone. Maybe I’m wrong but that was how I felt before I found a community that brought me back to life. How wonderful if the knowledge I have could do that for just one person !!!

Now I don’t want to imply that I have some sort of education myself. I have a L.P.N. and that’s a far as I went in school. The game of life has been kind to me and I listen and sometimes remember what works for me and I if what I know helps someone then hell yeah.

So I blog and I attempt to grow my audience and I shower rinse repeat. I go to munches , demos , play parties , and events.

I’m already brewing my next post , and I am now ready to rest my 48 year old bones and sleep like the dead , dream the dreams of a princess , and be a better person tomorrow than I was today.


7 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. You’re a beautiful woman and what you do in private is nobodies business. Be it by yourself are with other consenting adults. I’m glad you’re ‘ coming out ‘ and enjoying yourself.
    Looking forward to hearing about your exploits!

    Daddy Dawg

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What the bloody fuck ???? I’m not hiding behind shit that’s my picture. Seems like the only one that’s team evil here is the judgemental little bitch that makes up the mind without any facts. Yes I mean you ….. Sit there on your high horse and look down on real people and see how far that gets you in life. We are all born with sexual desires it’s normal you see. It’s not dirty or wrong or smut like Miss Goody goody calls it. Go crawl back under your rock where you can be happy. I’m so glad I don’t have people like you in my life anymore


    2. Also I’m not sure what post you read and mistook for mine but you don’t even know what I said in my post. You misquoted me and said I’m hiding behind someone else’s picture….. You can stay off my blog , I feel icky after just that one comment


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