A Brand New Year

Time to start fresh , make much needed changes and be a better person than I was in 2018. I’m hopeful that 2019 will be much better than whatever that 2018 shit was. I’m already feeling better and it’s not even tomorrow yet. The dark cloud that seemed to follow me around since my daddy’s untimely demise in 2016 has lifted. Light was shed on some sneaky shit that was going down here. Even if the lies are hurtful its still better knowing the actual truth because my mind can come up with some worse shit when left to it’s own devices.

So going into the new year I am ready , ready for anything coming my way. I’ve been to hell and back then back again. I survived with minimal permanent damage. I also learned some things.
I learned that I don’t stay down. I learned you can’t die from a broken heart. I also learned that I have more power over my diagnosis of bipolar disorder than I once thought. There are things I can do that calm my anxiety and slow my thoughts. Simple things that make such a huge difference.
Now that my mind is not so heavy with grief and my relationship with my soul mate is on the mend I am ready to do something completely in my character.  I’m thinking getting a good dicking at the park on the river at 3 am is a good start. Getting fingered in the casino while I’m playing a slot machine is a great next step. Maybe a trip to the next state over to the xxx theater for a gangbang is a grand finale indeed.
A story is brewing in my thighs and I’m thrilled …… Let the kink games begin woot 

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