My Favorite Crop Duster

After my friend untied me from the chair in the living room of his hotel room I freshened up and we headed out to the munch. When we got settled in his truck , he handed me the egg. It was pink , round , and a durable plastic. He told me his plans for the evening , I grinned and blushed a little with anticipation.

We got to the party and I did as instructed. I went to the bathroom and put the vibrating egg in place , c checked myself , and rejoined the party. I was chatting with some girls across the room when I caught his eye , he winked and I felt the burr of the egg in my pussy. I had been wet for sometime and now I’m drenched but I had to keep a straight face. Even though these were all kinky people I couldn’t tell my secret either by words nor actions. So I planted a stiff smile on my face and grinned my way through the 30 second orgasm the egg induced. Whew.

Things went this way for the next couple of hours. I must have had 17 orgasms and I know at least three people that are worried I may be coming down with something. I went to him and begged to go back to the room. He obliged me this time as I had been denied on three previous attempts. We got back to our room and I went to the bathroom to get dressed for the night. I took off my red party dress and my heels and replaced them with a long sleeved dress made completely with mesh. It came down to just under my ass I put on black thongs and thigh highs as well and made my way to the bedroom. He was getting things ready in there and on the bed were the restraints and blind fold. There was rope in his hand. The rest if the night is for a different story.


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