It’s not you , it’s me

So I’m single again. I’m not giving up on love which means dating again. I had a gentleman caller last night and he was great but I did not feel the spark and I kept pretending he was my ex. He’s not the one. I had to let him down on messenger. He said that was the worst blow off he’s ever got ( I imagine he’s gotten a few ). I’m writing this post to be my guide that will let them down gently and they won’t be sad. I’m putting thought and care into my blow off sphill. I hope this will be a good step.

Dear John ,

I am a poor white girl in turmoil. I don’t want you to be affected by my ups and downs and my confusion. See it’s really not you it’s me. You can find a good woman that can give you her all. I can’t do that. I’m self absorbed and disconnected from the needs of others. Please understand , it’s not you it’s me.

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