You put me through hell , it’s not as bad as I expected.

Your anger does not bother me so much anymore. It drains me yes , it baffles me to be sure. I don’t get as scared when you’re irrational mad beast shows himself. No reason to. You walked out on me , on us with promises I was certain you would keep. I was wrong about that wasn’t I ? You didn’t come back for more than a week and you still don’t show me any consideration , concerm , love or respect. How can I demand respect from you when I have taken so much shit from you ? I can’t expect your respect I don’t have my own for the way I allowed you to treat me.

I will not tolerate such bullshit ever again. If this is a problem for you then goodbye. I’m sure it will be a problem at some point. Since you are your only concern , you wouldn’t be able to treat me they way I should be treated. As you are smooth out of empathy , you won’t be able to fake any give a fucks. I will survive without you. You showed me that I can when you walked out. It’s not as scary this time , loosing you. I already have been the darkest I ever have been and I came out ok on the other side. I showed myself I will be happier without you around always with something to bitch about or some way of blaming me for everything wrong with us.

I wish you had stayed away. Why did you have to halt my progress and reopen painful wounds ? I would be getting used to life without you by now. Luckily I don’t have to start all over again. I am not on the very bottom like you left me before and I’m not a week post op either. I’m strong in more ways than one and I will be alright.

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