I have a confession to make , I play with my pussy. I’m not talking about a feline either. I mean my vagina. I masterbate until I cum , until I feel that explosion of warm pleasure that I seek so often.

I use different tools to reach that place of fulfilment I so richly desire. My pointer finger on my right hand has had it’s share of action. I have broken two magic wands ( I’m not sure the exact brand ) my favorite was a big black one. The bullets are good for a few months. I’ve even gone through a couple of Lelos that I didn’t register ( I won’t make that mistake again they will send another if it breaks ) my dog chewed up the charging cord on one but I found one that fit.

I have had one toy that lasted for a long time and did a great job everytime. In fact the only reason I had to quit that one was I lost the charging cord and haven’t found one that fit. It was a little purple magic wand and can I tell you , I USED that thing !

I used it laying down , standing up , side ways , upside fucking down. It got used , that little fucker made me cum hundreds of times. I love turning that sucker on and knowing I’m about to dance with the devil , grow hair on my palms , explode my very insides and drink the wine of those that sin like the very best whore on the streets.

Whew I think I just had an emotional orgasm writing this. Thank you for reading my shame , not that I’m ashamed of making myself cum. Just that I was taught it was wrong as a child. I’m so glad I broke out of that shell and discovered it’s NOT wrong to play with my very on clit. It’s so very right to me these days. What an asset an open mind has turned out to be.

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