One Call

That’s all it took. One single call. To let me know he wanted to come home , to let me know he was wrong , to let me know he was sorry. That one call was all I needed to agree that he should come home , to tell him it takes two , to accept his apology.

So now we have it. The next phase of this relationship. The all important test to see if we really are meant to be. Will we sink or will we swim ? Will we be better than ever or will we fail miserably ? Time will tell the answers to these questions. I feel pretty optimistic right now. More so than I was when we made this decision. A big reason for that is the talk we had last night. We had some conflict , nothing unusual about that. We talked it out and he was not only an active participant in this talk he even encouraged it several times when I felt like giving up. We settled the conflict and moved on. Amazing !! He used to run from working anything out. Didn’t want to talk to save his life. I think he has realized that we can either talk about things from time time or we can split up and not be together ever again.

I feel special that he’s willing to do the C word for me. Communication is hard for anyone and seemed an impossible expectation for my man. It took a tremendous and painful interruption in our relationship to change that for him and maybe that’s why we had to go through that , so we can communicate. Whatever the reason I’m glad he’s home , I’m glad I have his long monkey arms around me again , I’m glad to call him mine again. I’m glad glad glad!

We had something neither of us had had before the first two years. When we came back to Louisiana things changed for the worse. I know why. Some things happened through no fault of either of us that made me different and he couldn’t handle that. I understand I was not the same person and he was lost without me. I was different and he wasn’t strong enough to help me back to who I was. Isn’t strong enough. I am more my old self than I have been since we got back to our home state and I AM strong enough. Strong enough to take care of him strong enough to take care of our ex strong enough to take care of myself.

I will not succumb to the depression again. The horrible situation that messed me up initially will not repeat itself. Sir and I will be stronger than ever in our life together and I’m so happy to have this chance to make things right with us.

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