I love myself

My journey has changed and it was a surprise to me. As I live with the new direction my life is taking I realize it’s not necessarily a bad thing. So it’s time for me to take care of myself. With this in mind I reach for my right nipple and begin to pinch it gently at first. My body responds to the touch , my touch. My nipples get hard and my pussy starts to get moist.

With my other hand I give my left nipple some much needed attention. Then I’m caressing both my huge beautiful tits. My eyes are closed and my breathing is a bit faster. I follow the curves of my body with my right hand until I reach the mound of my sweet sweet pussy. My eager fingers dive Right into my delicious cunt and discover I’m wet as hell and my clit is swollen. I rub my sweet little button with my pointer and middle fingers. The heat in my body is exciting and my mind is racing with erotic adventures I have had. I have no desodeto edge myself so I rub faster and harder as my hips rock back and forth. A soft moan escapes my lips and I feel the orgasm approaching. Faster and faster the explosion is fast approaching and I want it so bad. All of a sudden my body gives me what I seek and my head is spinning my heart is racing and I am spent.

I do love myself.

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