Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me at all , dick

I will be fine. I’m hurt and sad and mad at myself. I am insecure and afraid. Still I’m better than I was yesterday , tomorrow I’ll be even better. Time heals most wounds , this one will heal. I will be a better person because of this experience , this relationship. I knew several things I’d not known before. Some were great , others were so bad it physically hurt.

I will be fine because I’m free from him now. I’m free to be myself once again. I don’t have to support him or his habit anymore. I don’t have to cry everyday because he hurt my feelings. I’m free from being judged by the one person that wasn’t supposed to judge me. I’m free from being lied to by the one person that was supposed to tell me the truth.

I can heal , I can grow , and I can find someone to be happy with. I can take care of myself like I couldn’t before , I can buy clothes , I can by pretty girl stuff , I can feel pretty again.

Give and take is amazing. I will continue to be a giver because I’m not a shitty person. Some people never were givers not in the least.

2 thoughts on “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me at all , dick

  1. Well, that was a powerful soulful and truth is all that you posted there is no need to fill a person head that lives a negative life.
    So, tell it to yourself, to the universe by being your true self.
    If you cannot see truth in the eyes of truth then let it go into the air and forgive yourself.. life is as difficult, as u want it too be. Bless and good luck

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