I am a Goddess

I took my time in a nice warm bath complete with a yummy bath bomb. I shaved everything that needed shaving. Soap myself up a few times. Washed and conditioned my long blonde hair. With thoughts of the evening to come always in my busy little brain. We weren’t going to talk about anything to heavy. Everything lately had been much to heavy. This was a date. A first date after a break up. Oh but no worries , I fuck on the first date. Once I step out of the tub I dry off really good , put my hair in a towel and apply lotion everywhere I can reach. Next comes the body spray and then I carefully apply some makeup. Not to much , just enough. I put on a sexy black skirt , a black shirt with lace on the sleeves and a very nice view of my huge tits. Slide on my over the knee black boots , dry my hair brush and toss and I walk out the bedroom.

In the living room is a good friend that has supported me through my relationship problems. He looked up at me and I asked if I looked ok. He said yeah , it’s ok. I expected a different reaction cause I thought I was looking pretty damn good. He got up to do something I don’t know what , it was then I began to notice he was talking but not making any sense. He kind of stuttered and couldn’t finish a sentence. I said , ” Is this a reaction to me ?” He was able to let me know it was. Then he excused himself and went to his room for a while. I’m pretty sure he was jerking off. That’s better , I thought to myself.

Actually I wasn’t expecting to render him speechless with a need to wack a mole right then. But who does ? It made me feel good to have such an effect on someone by just walking in the room and this helped me for my evening with Him. The man I love so intensely , the one that has been my rock. My Sir , my Daddy , my man who would be forever lost to me if something drastic didn’t happen soon. Ok I’ll be drastic.

I hear his truck and position myself outside. I watch intently as he drives down the long ass driveway. Then he stops right in front of me. I saunter up to him not willing or able to wait for him to park and get out and come to me. I look at this man who has been my everything for so long and pray this is a new beginning , not an end. I’m ready to ride him like a woman on a mission , but I must wait. So do you.

To be continued….

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