The early days of us

Hot sweaty salty flesh I felt goosebumps as I ran my hand the length of him …we had been teasing each other for what seemed like months but was closer im sure to days. When he put his hand in my thick blonde hair and just tugged I swooned I wanted to do what he wanted my body was on fire the slightest touch from him made me melt my cunt craved to be filled by his massive cock….


we never had any time if we ever did get to be alone we might hurt each other. ..oh but what fun ….


He gently moved my hair back with his hand and put his lips to my ear …..he whispered …. I want to pound that pussy so bad bitch….fuck …thats all I could say …. I put my hand around his cock i rubbed just the head first then slowly started stroking the shaft ….his moans made my hot little pussy drip with sweet wetness ….he grabbed my nipples tweeked them sending thrills all over my body he pulls my tits to his mouth and sucked first one nipple then the other until they were both rock hard points. I looked in his eyes we both smiled and stopped breathing heavy i was a little dizzy ….


I giggled we talked a minute …. I’m not sure what happened but his mouth was on my neck sucking and biting my hand reached for his hair ….he teased my lips with his tongue I  was on fire filled with only desire to have him inside me …..his fingers were on my cunt he loves how wet he gets me i responded to his touch moving my hips towards him I want him so bad ….the phone rings …dammit…its time to go I wish I could stay ….mmmm one day we would be alone …. I give him a quick kiss on the mouth smile and wave ….. oh my

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