Keep your dick out of my inbox

Pardon this rant. I can’t help it I must write about one thing that really chaps my hide. Not the only thing but a big one.


I am all over social media. I have public fan pages and groups on Facebook , communities on Google+ , Instagram , Twitter etc. So I get messages from lots of folks for different reasons. The type of messages I get the most are from men that want pics or to Skype , some say they are my Dom , some want to be dominated. The ones that make me wanna puke send pictures of they’re weeniers. I’m like why ? I don’t want pictures of some strangers junk greeting me in the morning like an enthusiastic server at ihop. The worst part is that 75% of the time they don’t speak or read English so they can’t understand the information I’m sharing with them. Like your weenie is not a turn on or please God make me unsee this ignorant halibuts member.


I bitch about this all the time , how rude and obnoxious men are with social media shielding their identity.

No I don’t want your sex

No I’m not giving you my sex

No I won’t find you a sub/Dom

No I don’t want to hear about your sex life

No I don’t want pics

No I’m not going to Kik you

No I don’t send pics

No I won’t be your Mistress





The above picture is a screenshot of my filtered messages on Facebook. This is crazy. I guess it’s because I’m easy on the eyes , but I’m alot more than that. It’s sad to me that so many men don’t care all they want are dirty pics and some sex chat. Well look that group up then. Leave me alone. If my mind is not challenged then my body isn’t interested.





8 thoughts on “Keep your dick out of my inbox

  1. Yeah, I have never understood the mindset of some “men”, that think every woman wants to see what they’re packing. I can be an incorrigible flirt (case in point out recent comment exchanges), but even though I’m quite proud of what I’m packing, I’m not one to blindly share it. The recipient and I better be on more than a first name basis for that to happen. Respect is paramount to me and a woman is to be respected, always. Anyway, just my two-cents. Sorry you’re having to deal with so many of them.

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