I got tied to a chair and I liked it

We had discussed the evening before he got to town. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was meeting him at the motel then we would take his truck to the party. I would put the remote control egg in place and he would have the control. This was only our second “date” and I was looking forward to a really fun evening.


I got to the hotel and went up to his room. I checked myself in the mirror on the elevator. I looked younger than my 47 years in this light or maybe it was the makeup. My leather mini skirt looked sexy with the thigh high boots and the black lace shirt I wore showed off my huge tits rather nicely. I knocked on the door. He answered and told me to come in we would have a drink before we left.


Once I was in his room he shut the door turned to me and grinned. He said that drink can wait and told me to face the chair with my legs spread and my arms down. He attached each foot to a chair leg with some handcuffs and bent me over the chair at my waist there was rope ready for my wrists and he effortlessly had me restrained in less than 3 minutes. Then he stepped back and admired me for a minute and lifted my skirt pleased to see a wet , bald pussy with no panties. He entered me and pounded my cunt until I came. He cleaned me up untied me and gave me a root beer. We headed to the play party at one of the local dungeons.


I am saving the remote control egg story for next time. That was just the plans I was privy too. The quickie on the chair was a bonus.


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