What he wants

I left plenty of room for him to be able to move around when and where I told him too. The blindfold was secure and so was he. Everytime I smacked him lean body with the first of my pleasure sticks ( this one is my favorite crop ) I could see his body respond from. The chill bumps on his skin to his throbbing hard cock. I rubbed my crop gently but firmly over his swollen member and he let out a soft moan. I smacked him hard across the face as I had told him not to make a sound.


I walked over to my table where my tools were laid out. I chose a pair of scissors. Slowly I made my way back to him and cut off his blindfold but left him restrained. I went to my chair that was carefully placed in front of him. Close enough where he had a great view but far enough away that he couldn’t touch me if he tried.


I sat down my short black skirt riding up just enough. My huge tits were even more massive with my corset perfectly in place. This corset was my favorite as it came to right beneath my tits and kind of help them there. his mouth was slightly open and his eyes were curious. This was the first scene for him and I , he didn’t know how I worked. I had told him I would make him suffer for 30 minutes then send him home to his wife. I didn’t tell him how I would make him suffer.


My Hitachi was on the table beside me. I picked it up with one hand absently rubbing a nipple with the other. I placed the head of the toy on my sweet little clit and turned it on low tweaking first one nipple then the other. The electric sensation was immediate and my cunt was dripping wet. I began gyrating my hips to meet the glorious stimulation and I moaned.  Switching the toy to the next speed I was going faster and faster , turned it up again and again. Finally I was at top speed and I could not help but let out a small scream whemi came. Then I got up and left the room.


I sent my driver in to release him and give him my note that said I would see him in 2 weeks. What fun he was.




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