My new dick

So it was like Christmas in September at my house. How exciting to get my new strapless strap on in the mail. I had been fantasizing about my new appendage and the places I want to put it. Oh my !


I told my eager sissy to go get ready while I got to know my brand new dick. I inserted one end into my sopping wet pussy and wiggled here and there until I was comfortable. When my sissy entered the room I was laying on the bed stroking my dick.

I motioned for him to come to me and get on his knees. When he was in position , I grabbed his hair and forced my new dixk down his pretty throat. He gagged a little but quickly recovered and I began to thrust my dick all the way in and all the way out of his willing throat.


Soon I wanted to find another hole onu sissy and violate that. I told him to bend over the end of the bed with his tight little ass spread and ready. I’m not a complete asshole , I lubed up before I found the entrance to his little ass. I slapped his little asshole with my new dick and told my sissy not to make a sound. I entered him , gently. It was work getting my new dick in such a little bity hole. My sissy began to relax as he got used to being fucked in the ass. The more he moaned the more excited I got and the faster I fucked him. It didn’t take long before my sissy exploaded screaming with pleasure that he’d not known before. I made him clean my new dick off and we fell asleep spent.


I like my new dick




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