Masterbation , I’m not blind

So I’ve been changing things about myself and my life the past few years. The other day I thought why not keep it simple , why don’t I explore my early years and begin at the beginning.

As a young girl I knew if I rubbed a particular part of my fun parts it would feel really good. For some reason after I finished rubbing and when the rush of pleasure was subsiding I felt guilty for what I had done. These feelings lasted well into adulthood for me but I never questioned them , until now.  Where did this guilt come from ? My parents never caught me diddling my little button and shamed me and still I felt ashamed. For what though ? For manipulating my own body to feel good ? The negative feelings just don’t make sense to me.

Society dictates  the way we behave and the way we see ourselves. For so long having some racy fun with our very own body parts was said to be a “sin” and indicates a bad person somewhere inside us. Grandmother’s would tell the kids not to touch themselves down there or they would go blind after they grew hair on they’re hands. Granny don’t lie , let them babies have some fun.

It’s ok to be happy but it seems as if we are taught that it isn’t. I’m bucking the norm these days and shouting from the rooftops , ” I play with my pussy and I like it!”  Stop the shaming , embrace your sexuality and don’t be afraid to be exactly who you are because you’re beautiful.






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