Cam Lust intimate toys

So for the last few years I’ve been trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve been a bartender , a waitress , a psych nurse , and a social media marketer. Now what ? I love making bath bombs , but they go bad and if they don’t sell them you got a shit load of soft ineffective bath bombs. So I started making Jewlery , which I love doing. However sales for my awesome amazing fabulous creations were not what I was hoping.


So I think now I’ve found my calling. A guy I’ve been helping promote a couple of things hooked me up with an online sex toy store. Oh yeah this is it. What I was born to do , help people reach climax. Can you think of a better job? I cant.


The name of my store Cam Lust is my name and my Sirs name put together so it’s like I’m destined to have a job having something to do with the erotic. Well slap my ass and call me pork chop , how lucky can one be ?


I’ll be choosing a toy every few days and writing about it. Usually it will be my experience , sometimes my fantasy , always delicious.


For any of your future sex toys needs please come see me , I’ll help any way I can and I’m always happy to help my loyal clients and fellow kinksters. Oh and I can make you a coupon too , giggle.



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