My ex

So one afternoon me and my ex husband were arguing about something ( what seemed so important then is not even a memory now ). I had been drinking a bit as I did so often back then and my daughter’s father had been around that week. At one point I accidentally called my then husband by another man’s name…. Here was me

” Now , Fred …. Doh …bahahahaha”

Two minutes later

” Omg Fred , Damn ….. bahahahaha”

This happened seven times. I kept thinking ‘ just say baby , just say baby , just say baby’


So the next day my second husband wouldn’t get out of the bed and I called his mother. She was very concerned and I felt like it was my fault so I told her ,” I called him the wrong name yesterday” she said well that is nothing he will have to get over it. I explained that it happened more than once , she still didn’t think it was the end of the world. I did so I said , * I did it 47 times.” ….. She’s all well I did all I could. I’m out.


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