Paranoid ? Yep

I am generally very tuned in , I try not to miss a beat. Never underestimate the power of a practiced paranoid mind. Of course I let my guard down from time to time. I WILL never believe a certain ex is NOT still lurking and waiting for the right time to pounce. Why should I ? This one has been given so many chances and it always ends up she’s a conniving , lying , malicious fuck. I can see it …..



So, no it’s not an innocent picture of her in a shirt with teeth , it’s not an innocent request for pictures of the child , it’s not just a friend needing to talk to a friend. It’s an ex that wants Him back using the child , hoping the picture of her in the shirt with teeth will tug at heart strings.



The ex still stalks and waits and hopes. Dreams of the day the manipulation works. Five years of manipulation and the ex is pretty good. It’s not MY ex so I can see it.


The  ex is mentally ill , untreated of course. Scared to even see a shrink for fear of how bad it is. Probably much worse than the ex believes. Since of course there’s nothing wrong with spewing hate , death , and discord on just one person. It’s ok it’s not everyone just me , smh that’s crazy.

Be gone vile asshole , you have NO power here !!!!

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