You’re a dick and you know it , go dick over tbere I’m done 

There was a time not to awful long ago when I was secure with myself ( for the most part ) and secure in my relationship. I felt sexy , desirable , loved. He seemed to come back to me for a couple of days.

As a former wife of a narcissitic fucker , it does not take much for me to wonder what’s wrong with ME. I spent so many years being mentally fucked. It has taken almost as many years to find some symblence of myself. That bitch is not stable by any means , He does not understand that not to many do.

My mental disorder was not diagnosed until I had been ripped apart inside by #2’s personality disorder. I didn’t see that shit coming and I’m still kicking myself for allowing him so much power.

I am beautiful , funny , smart , and cool as fuck. He did not destroy me , he made me aware and stronger. Sucks for him because he will have to face me again and I will get the better of him again. Evil may win a battle or two , but the war is mine.

I will be gracious as a good southern woman should be when she rips the ex a brand new one before God and everyone. I will smile and pity his facade as I expose it to the light that will banish it to hell leaving him a welcome shell of the dick hes been for so long. There , I found my happy thing to talk about , giggle. Dig a hole dug , your gonna need it.

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