Sir set me free

  I was in a sundress and my hair was in a pony tail. I was sitting with my ankles crossed and my head down , waiting. He said He would come. He said He would take me home. I had been with my maternal family for only 12 hours. It seemed like years. I … Continue reading Sir set me free

Are you fucking kidding me ??

So my Sir and I have always had a very open relationship. Not that it's truly open in the sense that we play with others any ole time we want. We used to have a rule that we played together. Used to. We had a huge fight the other day because he asked if he … Continue reading Are you fucking kidding me ??

Happy things to talk about

  Finally , I'm writing it. Several years ago the babysitter I had was a very sad soul. I think in the couple of months she watched my kids she told me one thing that wasn't just depressing as fuck. It was about a pair of shoes her mother in law got her. She had … Continue reading Happy things to talk about

Funny Penguin

So this penguin was driving home from a long work day when his car started making a horrible noise. He stopped at the first garage he saw. The mechanic told him it was a little busy and suggested the penguin go window shopping for a bit and he could tell him what was wrong when … Continue reading Funny Penguin


  You should be ashamed..... I should be ashamed. Let me ponder this for a minute. I'm supposed to be ashamed for something I didn't even do.   First I want to make this clear......I am ashamed. I'm ashamed of the choices I made that caused me to not have my children. I am harder … Continue reading YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED