Erotic aromatherapy

I make bath bombs , I love aromatherapy. So I researched what oils enhance sexual health. Check us out at


Her intimate desire has a plethora of powerful essential oils. Women are complex. A few of them are jasmine a beautiful scent and an aphrodisiac , rose makes us feel comfortable so we can relax , lavender , ylang-ylang is also a beautiful fragrance. The petals of the ylang-ylang plant are spread over the beds of newlyweds in Malaysia due to the mesmerizing scent. There is something for hormone balance and when they all come together desire is increased and inhibitions are decreased. There are fresh rose buds if desired which turn any bath special.

Men are not as complicated.


His fantasy has sandlewood to ground him , patchouli is an aphrodisiac , a little cinnamon to get his blood pumping and a touch of lavender so he will stay calm.

I’m very excited about my new bath bombs , I make shower steamers as well for the shower folks.




2 thoughts on “Erotic aromatherapy

    1. They are awesome. I can make them the day you order and ship them right away , they would be the freshest they could possibly be. I make shower steamers for my shower folks , you get the aromatherapy benefits just none of the Epsom salt and coconut oil 🙂


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