Wrong is wrong , right is right


When I see something that is unfair it sparks anger in my heart and my mind. When my father was arrested I was angry and scared with good reason , as evidenced by his death in Caddo Correctional Center. When I saw a video of a schizophrenic guy being beaten to death by a bunch of cops , I felt angry and scared. When a guy I know told me his story of being falsely accused of a sex crime as a minor , I felt angry and scared. When my ex husband accused me of working as a prostitute , I also felt angry and scared. Anger at the complete wrong of each situation , fear that the ones doing wrong are able to get away with it.


Courts and judges don’t always right these wrongs. They don’t always make sure there is justice. If they did they police that beat that poor guy to death would have been punished , they were not. If the powers that be sought justice , my father would not have been arrested on August 23 , 2016.


In my experience it’s not only the courts that don’t seek the truth. When people hear something that sounds plausible , they seem to go with it instead of seeking a deeper truth. This I know from personal experience. It’s easy to believe the girl diagnosed with bipolar disorder is the culprit and maybe she did do something that seems crazy. With even one question it’s possible to find a rational explanation. When a mind that is already made up there is no room for any growth.


This is sad to me for so many reasons. One of those reasons is that I believe when you stop learning, you stop growing. When people don’t grow , like plants they die. Not in the physical sense right away , they can be dead inside and continue with everyday life. What could be sadder than that ? We only have this one life , being dead inside at any point is wasting the time we have.


I’m not always right by any means. I make bad decisions and poor choices on a daily basis. I’m working on being a better person , I’m flawed and I know it. Being aware of my flaws is a plus because I still have the ability to learn.

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