Assholes aplenty round here

This creative blog post is dedicated to that special breed of asshole. You know the ones I mean. Those folks that think being dickish is something they are entitled to.  I got a message on my public page on a social media network. That page has almost 50,000 fans. I get a lot of messages from fans , most people want me to find them a Dom or a sub. I explain a lot that I don’t provide that service and if I did it would require payment in advance. This day however a gentleman ( loosely used you understand ) sent a message and after he was done said reply , like ordering me to answer.


Awwww hell NAW !

It’s times like these I consider myself a educator , helpful and shit. So I told ole boy …. ” you have me confused with someone that wants to do your bidding.” My lesson did not end there. As I felt this one could benefit from more of my vast experience. I do what I can for the good of man kind and all. So I made him aware I didn’t want him as a Master and he could go fuck himself that way he would be fucking someone that thought a lot of him.


I thought it went well. I banned him and everyone was happy. Well all my fans and me …..

Take note fools , put some effort in and don’t assume I’ll follow blindly.

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