Here is a place I’ve missed.

My word ! I haven’t been here in a while. I know exactly why , I haven’t had a nice buzz such as this one in fucking MONTHS! There ought to be a law. Hahahahaha.

Louisiana , my home state , has more people incarcerated than the other 49 per capita. Fuck you Louisiana , how bout we find some law makers that aren’t such huge cumguzzlers.

( some may argue , my mother is one , that using adjectives like cumguzzler may decrease my credibility )

Yes I’m sure I could muster up a more appropriate description in some folks perception. Frankly I’m contemplating my next 7 sentence enhancers as you read my blog.  Thank you sponge bob , you are a clever little yellow dude.

So anyway , what is wrong with people that enforce , and lay down the law that want to throw everyone they can in the joint and treat them like shit for x amount of time.

Why is this shit OK ??? Why is Frank Ford thrown in let’s say Caddo correctional center for 8 months on multiple traffic offenses. So Frank loses his job car and house because he didn’t register his vehicle with the great state of Louisiana. His wife has to stay at the salvation army with they’re 2 young children and gets a staph infection in the shower.

Has anyone ever heard ” it takes a village to raise a child” I haven’t heard it in a decade of Sunday’s. My granddaddy built his house just a couple of blocks away from me now. His neighbors the Lindsey’s helped , pappy helped with they’re house. My husband was walking around our neighborhood looking for His bike that some kid stole. A black dude asked Him ” your in the wrong hood” MOTHERFUCKER. My family BUILT THIS FUCKING HOOD. People ignore us , black people. Not ALL black people. Quite enough that we noticed that black folks don’t give 2 sweet fucks about us cause this ain’t our neighborhood. What these people don’t see is the hate that lives inside them. It’s growing and they pass it to those closest to them.

My dear mother , I love her , she believes that so many people in Louisiana are in the clink because there’s a large minority community. My daddy  god rest his soul thought all them folks broke the law ( got caught breaking the law ) and got what they deserved. Until he was in there with em. He was one of the hundreds of Louisiana’s sons that are SUSPECTED of a crime. Not even guilty beyond a reasonable motherfucking doubt! However these good southern folks are locked up and forced to comply with the whim of the guards.

Here’s what I think. We are at war against each other , instead of standing together and actually changing something we blame the other guy cause of what color his skin is. The fat cats sit in their private clubs and posh offices and laugh at how they have successfully turned we the people against each other.

I say it’s not a black / white issue , it’s a rich/poor issue. If you don’t have 20k for an attorney and 35k cash for bond your enjoying the hospitality at CCC until you fucking die.

If we banned together and said awww hell naw …. don’t distract us with what to do with cocksucking statues man what we gonna do about all these folks serving time for shit they didn’t do. Open them eyes folks ….. the Man is fucking us all

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