A little more about “The Wallie”

In my post about social media etiquette I introduced several different types of men that fumble when it comes to meeting women on the various social media networks. A little reminder of the different types of men…..

The Wallie’s” they have some sweet compliments and they usually say something like  ” I hope that’s OK to say” if I say no Wallie it isn’t OK then I must be a bitch , so be it Wallie , so be it . The next type can be “The Mystery Man”  These dudes are like “hi” …..”you face so sexy” its a mystery that he understands how to inhale life systaining air. The you have “The Bill” these are the ones that are very forward but in a charming way that’s kind of sexy at first. Its soon obvious what his favorite appendage is. Last but most certainly not least there is the ever popular “Richard”   He should need no introduction. I am certain his reputation precedes him. I’ll go ahead and tell y’all anyways ……its a blog ….. He sends dic pics ….he sends them loud , he sends them proud he , he sends them first or maybe 3rd but he always , always sends them. 

This post is going to focus on “TheWallie” These guys are interested in getting to know a pretty girl , it seems as if they think they aren’t good enough or else they think they can say whatever they like. Neither one of these scenarios are gonna get them what they want. Men that lack confidence are not attractive to a lot of women. Now there are those Ladies that have that Florence Nightingale thing going on and they like that sort of thing. Not me so much but they are out there. The men who think anything is OK as long as they apologize , well that’s to close to sociopathic for me. Hopefully ole Wallie will get lucky and message someone who likes to take in strays , I wish them the best.

Next time we will learn more about “The Mystery Man”. Stay tuned

The Wallie

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