Where’s the Justice ? Not here naw

The prisions in this beautiful country are full. They aren’t necessarily full of criminals either. The folks that get got by the justice system here are poor , they have no voice. If you have a case against you be it criminal or be it civil  , if you can’t afford an attorney , your fucked. Period. People say oh well you can get a court appointed attorney. The public defenders are overwhelmed , if they are good lawyers they don’t have time to give you all they have. It’s a pretty good racket ya know ? Here let’s make a system where folks answer to the wrongs they may or may not have committed …..oh and then , let’s make shit so involved you have to get a degree to be able to navigate it. Oh but wait , there’s more , lets make sure the degree holders know they’re worth we wouldn’t want them to miss a single dollar that they may need for strippers and hookers and such. So it ends up with poor people in the klink ( guilty or not ) and people with means roaming free ( innocent or not ). Let us also appoint certain folks to be the Almighty judge  yes for they must understand what is right and what is wrong. But it’s not about right or wrong really ,  the person appointed can have a perspective that is so off we probably wonder why in the holy fuck did we put him in that position….. And now we can’t change it. Like the nice young man with such a bright swimming future. Wouldn’t want that pesky rape thing to stand in the way of that swimmer oh gosh no !!!!! I have bitched about the inconsistencies before ( before I had this handy dandy blog that is ). I’m quite certain I will bitch about it again. People that I tell my plight to try and look on the bright side  , I have not found the bright side myself. I think an unobservant attorney , is not gonna be a good one. Call me crazy ….go ahead lol. I’m looking for a solution that does not involve law school , I’m coming up short indeed. So ……anyone wanna sponcer a law student ???

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