Social media etiquette

Ifb_img_1475165196239 made a decision the other day , a life changer to be sure. I decided to check out my filtered messages on a popular social media network. I knew pretty much what to expect so I didn’t  go in blind. I did grossly underestimate the enormaty of tbe situation. Here is what I learned.


There are several type of men that make up the blind messengers on social media networks. The first type we will call “The Wallie’s” they have some sweet compliments and they usually say something like  ” I hope that’s OK to say” if I say no Wallie it isn’t OK then I must be a bitch , so be it Wallie , so be it . The next type can be “The Mystery Man”  These dudes are like “hi” …..”you face so sexy” its a mystery that he understands how to inhale life systaining air. The you have “The Bill” these are the ones that are very forward but in a charming way that’s kind of sexy at first. Its soon obvious what his favorite appendage is. Last but most certainly not least there is the ever popular “Richard”   He should need no introduction. I am certain his reputation precedes him. I’ll go ahead and tell y’all anyways ……its a blog ….. He sends dic pics ….he sends them loud , he sends them proud he , he sends them first or maybe 3rd but he always , always sends them. What a sight that is a dick with no name. A man’s penis , his dong , a stiffie , prick….I won’t bore you with the many names of Richard. So there it is , in print. The voices in my head have come alive with the power of the written word. 5 types of dysfunction social media seekers.

I have talked to some of these gentlemen in my filtered messages over the years , a lot of them actually so this opinion is not based on 1  man or even 10 men.( I am very active on social media I have blogs and groups and pages oh my   its in the triple did gets anyway. I am going to call it a good beginning to coming aware of an epidemic of mass proportion. I will continue with my research and of course share my findings.


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